Custom Christmas Card

Are you looking for custom christmas cards this year? It's not too late! Did you know that Website Designer NYC also offers graphic design services? I'll use my graphic design skills to make a custom christmas card that is unique! No one will have a card like yours!! Check out this project that was just completed. The client provided me with a professional photograph taken of her children this past summer. The challenge was "winterizing" the image to make it seasonal for a holiday card. Here is the original image:

(click image to view larger version)

The first step was turning the green grass into a blanket of white snow. The next step was changing some of the details to add a bit of the "Christmas" feeling. The slide was changed to red, the details on the baby's shirt were also changed to red. The most difficult part of this project was changing the rainbow colored lollypops to Christmas colors. Finally, some falling snow was added as well as a festive holiday greeting! Viola! The finished product:

(click image to view larger version)

Are you looking for a custom holiday card?
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