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The New York Web Designer has been busy with tons of new, exciting projects.  From Certified Tax Accountants to Professional Make-up Artists; Actresses to Fitness Clubs... The New York Website Designer has spent the last few months working with all types of clients! Each client is unique and each day is different--- that is why she loves this job!

Check out the latest web designs by The New York Website Designer...

Web design for the NYC Life Coach, a life coach based in NYC.

Web design for VJN and Associates, a New York certified public accountant

Web design for actress Melissa Kellner

Web design for professional makeup artist Candi Colours

Web design for arts advocate First Online with Fran

Web design for fitness center: Mendham Health and Racquet Club

Web design for creative director Dennis Greeley

Are you looking for a logographic design or website designer?

The New York Website Designer is a freelance web design company conveniently located in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, NY. Andrea Bertola throws herself headfirst into cutting-edge, modern and affordable web designs


Websites for Entrepreneurs

According to Google...

"97% of Americans use the Internet to search for local products & services,
but only 52% of NY’s small businesses actually have a website,
making it extremely difficult for online shoppers to find them."

Specializing in web sites for Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Professionals, The New York Website Designer gets the word out about your business and produces the clicks that bring in qualified potential website visitors. Never reticent or retiring, Andrea Bertola enthusiastically brings unexpected online marketing strategies to each of her unique clients.

Under her watch, many of her client's sites have more than doubled their website hits. Clients have happily expressed that their increased market share springs in part from Andrea's exceptional search engine optimization (SEO) skills.

As a small business owner, Andrea is passionate about working with entrepreneurs and start-up companies. She feels honored to be the "go to" gal for small business owners across the country! From the creation of your logo, to business cards, social media sites, blogs and (of course) your website...she strives to be your one-stop-shop for all of your online marketing needs.

When you’re starting up, you need a very clear idea of who your market is and what you want to say to them. Andrea recommends a phased approach to your website, letting you manage cash flow effectively and scale up when you need it. She can give you the essentials first and build on them with the bells and whistles later when you’re a bit more established. This depends on your business though – she’d love to hear what you’ve got in mind.

Are you looking for a logographic design or website designer?

The New York Website Designer is a freelance web design company conveniently located in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, NY. Andrea Bertola throws herself headfirst into cutting-edge, modern and affordable web designs.


Another Rave Review!

I recently created a new website for LA based actress, Melissa Kellner. Melissa needed a website to showcase her ever-expanding portfolio. Being that my background is in theater, I knew exactly what she needed. I love working with actors, artists and musicians. I'm passionate about using my online marketing skills to help my fellow artists! 

Melissa wanted a website that was easy to update, so I suggested we create a custom-designed site on Wordpress. Using this platform helped to keep the cost down while giving her the capability to update her website by herself. We created a website that showcased her headshot portfolio, her resumes, her reels and She was thrilled with the results! 


Here's what Melissa Kellner had to say about working with The New York Website Designer:

"Like some other people who wrote reviews, I too shopped around a bit, but no one compared to the immediate connection I had with Andrea. She REALLY listened to what I wanted, and had ideas and suggestions that I never even thought of, but that were totally in the correct theme/ line of thinking I was going for. She REALLY cares how successful your website is - not just whether you "like" it or not, but if it is going to get you the best business possible. She makes everything super easy and user friendly. I am NOT a tech-orientated person, but she was able to do EXACTLY what I wanted... AND we live 3,000 miles away from each other. Now THAT'S talent!"

Websites for Actors

The New York Website Designer specializes in websites for actors. Think of your website as your online portfolio, or a giant business card. Backstage.com did an article on websites for actors and they noted, "Thanks to the Internet, a headshot and résumé don't have to be an actor's sole calling card anymore. A website can help you raise your visibility and spotlight your talent. And just as a quality headshot and résumé can brand you an astute pro, so can a top-notch website. But the opposite is also true: A confusing or inferior site can frustrate casting directors."

So make sure you hire someone that knows the industry! Luckily for you, Andrea Bertola has two loves in her life: website design AND theater. With Andrea you get a top-notch website designer that has also been on BOTH sides of the casting table.


Are you an actor looking for a logographic design or website designer?