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Thinking about making a web page with video?

The New York Website Designer is thrilled to announce a partnership with Russ Geltman, to provide an exclusive package for clients! Russell Geltman is a New York based Cinematographer who got his start in Television in Los Angeles, working as a Union Camera Assistant on shows such as "Entourage", "ER", and "Deadwood". With this partnership, you can have Hollywood quality videos on your website!
For online videos, Russ uses state-of-the-art, equipment resulting in unrivaled quality for a truly affordable price.  Contact Andrea to discuss your budget for your promo video needs and we will provide you with a proposal.
View Russ's Reel:

Five Reasons Why You Should Add Video on Your Website:

1)  The Personal Touch.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, a promotional video is worth a million. A marketing video gives your website visitors a well-rounded picture of who you are while setting a welcoming vibe. (It’s also a great way to show there is an actual human being they are interacting with…and not a SPAM company!)

2)  Search Engine Optimization. By posting a video blog on YouTube, you will increase your online visibility by 125%. Website videos help generate a buzz and drive traffic to your site. Especially if the video goes viral! 

3)  Keep Visitors on Your Website. You want to keep visitors on your website for as long as possible. 69% of internet users watch video online (Pew Research 2010). Visitors  are more likely to watch an entire video clip than they are to read an entire webpage, blog post or article.

4)  Credibility. An educational video will help you to establish yourself as an expert. Online educational videos have risen in adult viewership from 22% to 38% since 2007. (Pew Research, 2010). By providing useful information, how-to-videos and online seminars; your clients will regard you as a trusted expert.

5)  The ‘WOW’ Factor. Show your website visitors that you have your finger on the pulse with the latest technology. Your website is modern and your use advanced marketing tools will only be a positive reflection of you and/or your company! 

For more information visit: www.TheNewYorkWebsiteDesigner.com

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