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The New York website designer specializes in websites for actors. Think of your website as your online portfolio, or a giant business card. Backstage.com did an article on websites for actors and they noted, "Thanks to the Internet, a headshot and résumé don't have to be an actor's sole calling card anymore. A website can help you raise your visibility and spotlight your talent. And just as a quality headshot and résumé can brand you an astute pro, so can a top-notch website. But the opposite is also true: A confusing or inferior site can frustrate casting directors."

So make sure you hire someone that knows the industry! Luckily for you, Andrea Bertola has two loves in her life: website design AND theater. With Andrea you get a top-notch website designer that has also been on BOTH sides of the casting table. 

Having been a "starving artist" myself, I understand that money is always tight…here is a way to get an affordable website. I’ll work within YOUR budget! Instead of being paid an hourly fee, which is hard for clients to monitor…my prices are à la carte. You get to pick and choose which elements you would like to include on your site. This puts YOU in control of your website budget. 

Contact Andrea with questions!

  • NYC based website designer (knowledgeable with the newest/hottest website trends)
  • Easily accessible, call me anytime with web site updates!
  • Artistic eye, creative/innovative design. Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Quick turn around: Your web site can be online - complete in 2 weeks!

Check out some websites for actors

 Frances McGarry, Official Web Site
Actress, Educator, Voice-over Artist

 Steven Shaw, Official Website
Actor & Director

 Laura Parker, Official Website
Professional Opera Singer

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