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This past July, Amanda Bontempo contacted The New York Website Designer. Amanda is a registered dietitian and certified dietitian/nutritionist. She was looking to have a website built that would showcase her nutrition consulting services. She was interested in creating a beautiful site that clearly represents her aesthetics while illustrating that her website and services are an insiders guide with expert advice to all things food. She needed a logo, a website, a blog, as well as social media integration.

I asked Amanda how she envisioned the 'look' of her site and this is how she responded, "I think if I were to describe what I'm looking for visually, it would be stylish, modern, maybe a little New York. I want to showcase healthy natural food in all it's glory but with a young sexy contemporary edge."

Here is the logo I designed for Spill the Beans Nutrition:

Here are some graphics The New York Website Designer designed for each section of Spill the Beans Nutrition:

This image appears on the ABOUT page of Spill the Beans Nutrition

This image appears on the BLOG page of Spill the Beans Nutrition

This image appears on the CONTACT page of Spill the Beans Nutrition

This image appears on the SERVICES page of Spill the Beans Nutrition

This image appears on the HOME page of Spill the Beans Nutrition

Amanda also wanted to have custom designed social media icons to match the aesthetics of her site. Here is what I came up with:

Best of  luck to Amanda Bontempo and the launch of her site: www.SpilltheBeansNutrition.com

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