Graphic Design for a Best-Selling Author

Graphic Design for a book proposal, for best-selling author Jeffrey Cohn

The New York Website Designer was thrilled to work with Jeffrey Cohn, a best-selling business author and an advisor to high-potential executives and corporate boards. Cohn was recently dubbed by the Wall Street Journal as a leadership advisor to chief executive officers. Cohn's specialty is helping rising star managers get promoted and become more effective executives.

Cohn has published widely in the areas of leadership development, succession planning and strategic management, including multiple articles in the Harvard Business Review, Economist, CNN, and Business Insider. He is widely quoted in BusinessWeek, The Economist, Fortune, and the Wall Street Journal. Cohn is also a keynote speaker as well as a frequent panelist at top international conferences, including the Global Milken Forum.

Jeffrey asked The New York Website Designer to create a logo for his business, "World's Best Mentors" as well as a graphic design for his book proposal, "Next Jobs".

Logo design for World's Best Mentors


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